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Meet the Team!!
The Reaper Gaming team is made up of a fine collection of misfits and dossers. The idea of a gaming site had long been kicked around for over a decade but all involved were too lazy to bother and decided to just play a shit load of games and get drunk instead. After Reaper, Blind Side G and Exciting Alien were asked to be part of a Gaming television programme for Irish national TV during the mid 2000’s, a spark was lit! The show died after a year due to the TV station going pop and selling itself to another company but the gaming programme itself was highly rated... despite their involvement.

After that the lads soon got restless and wanted to get back into the gaming industry side of things, plus they missed all the free swag and launch parties. On a whim Reaper decide to set up a page to see what would happen… Despite hating the name, all the guys soon joined with the addition of ‘Master Gii Bag’, a long time friend and quirky individual who took up the responsibility of Movies and now Comics on the site. Their latest member Deadman is also a long time friend of the gang. From time to time there are guest appearances, like the mad English games journalist 'Doc R'. The Crew are a happily deranged bunch and like any family, have allot of in fighting but it all comes good when they get drunk and play a few games.
Reaper Gaming is always happy to add the right people to the roster, but be warned - they are a picky bunch! If you feel up to the challenge you can contact them here at Reaper Towers:

Combined, the Reaper Crew have over 145 years of gaming experience!! Talk about wasting time eh! All of them are mature gamers with immature atitudes and cater for like minded Dudes and Dude'ts. The Crew likes to think that over the years they have developed a keen insight and good judgment on what are the best games or what sucks balls and indeed what is to come before it happens. Mainly they just want to have some fun along the way, its all about games after all!. They hope you agree… If not, you know where to go and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

Born in New York and moving to Ireland at a young age set this individual on a downward path. Despite his crap spelling and drunken posts this mountain of a man has a very good insight into games, this comes from years of laziness and a lack of interest in schooling. Many a home work assignment was forgotten about when the lure of the Spectrum 48k’s high pitched loading screen called out. This led to avoiding a life of hard work for many years and he opted to live the dream of playing games, listening to metal and getting drunk on a regularly basis. Reaper is into all formats of gaming that have no kiddie or cuddly elements in them, ‘if you can’t shoot, crash, bludgeon or blow it up then bin it’ describes his taste, zombies are a big favourite too. Reaps eventually had to give in and make some money to support his addictions especially the ‘Counter Strike’ one. He currently draws pictures for a living but has great ambitions of selling games, writing novels and getting all his long hair back onto his head. With a love of all things fantasy, horror and Sci-Fi in all formats, he is usually off daydreaming about things that don’t yet exist. Always interested in some whisky and giggles this man is destined to be penniless in later years and begging for game money. Reaper is the founder and general dogsbody of the site.

Master Gii Bag
Tall, dark and handsome… well, tallish and attractive to large ugly women, this slightly deranged individual likes to move around and never stays in one place for long, possibly due to his porn habit being constantly uncovered. He is a talented artist with a wicked sense of humour and has a flair for writing, despite having a short attention span. Gii Bag also lived the dream of doing very little in his youth apart from movies, games, music and drinking but at least he learnt how to spell properly. Fond of drunken pave diving and crashing cars, this odd ball is slightly dangerous but fun company. That said he likes to take good care of himself and keeps slim and trim by eating the cheapest food possible and is very proud of his thick head of hair... for now. He is a gaming veteran of the PC shooter and RTS days and would happily disappear for days to play Starcraft but now practices a more relaxed approach to gaming... if it’s free - he will play it, and he always gets them free! Being a musician and music lover he makes a good drummer for drunken gaming nights but is confused by all the coloured buttons on the plastic guitar and he truly cannot sing. A keen interest in football and footy games means he is always up for a good old lad’s night in with a bit of Pro Evo or Fifa but is a less than gracious looser. Master Gii Bag likes to take a few snaps for the site giving him justfication for buying a pricy camera and is currently chief editor of Movies and Comics on the site.

Doctor Recondite
Doc is a gaming veteran that has been lucky enough to make a career out of this passion, which is just as well, as his other passions range from unhealthy to the downright perverse. Doc has had the pleasure of writing for many a gaming publication as a paid employee over the years with booze and smokes being counted as tender and hand shandy’s considered as yearly bonuses. He cut his gaming teeth on the ‘Philips Videopac G7000’ after thieving it from a sibling and later graduated through to the Commodore 64 and Amiga 1200, a truly vintage line-up. The Doctor considers himself somewhat of a gaming historian as a result and you would be hard pushed to find a title that escapes his vast brain-base catalogue of games gone by. He is no less involved in today’s great gaming goings-on and is probing every new tid-bit of gaming info with his big dirty scalpel. As a youngster the Doc was forced deeper into the world of games due to his bumbling mumbles and unnerving attempts to attract girls. By his own admission he was left “holding coats” for other lads while they got lucky, this left him a shambling wreck with an intense hatred for all ‘Jock’ types and a deep seeded lust for revenge, all of which still persists to this day. Being an avid Sci-Fi head and follower of Fantasy media led him to the dark rooms of Roleplaying making him lethal with a pair of dice and a sharp imagination, which of course has bled into his video gaming tastes. Locked away in his Laboratory wandering the cellars and catacombs of Reaper Towers with his collection of “fine herbs and exotic elixirs” Doc spends his free time submerged in MMO’s, PC games and 1950’s B-Movies. Doctor Recondite works on all areas of the site, and is a more than valuable contributor as his wealth of knowledge and ability is rivalled only by his tolerance for booze and other stimulants.

Never has there been a man more obsessed with ones game score than the Giant Deadman. He eats, breaths and smokes video games ever since the old days of the Commodore 64, loves all formats of gaming that allow him to choose the evil path but delights in petrol head racing games the most! When not racing in the virtual world he loves to do it for real and whizzes around the track fast enough to slide off his tattoos. Beer being his other great love, drunk driving is a given but only when holding a joy pad!! A lover of all game types he plays most modern titles as soon as they hit the shelf and shares a great love of zombie games. He has a tendency to lose stuff, make friends with the homeless and spin a great yarn, especially when drunk but is lucky enough to always find money lying on the ground and his way home at the end of a good night. He is far too big for anyone to challenge and is safe wherever he roams, striking fear into smaller mortals, like children and dwarfs. When not scaring little people he can often be found chasing them down in the 'Dead Mobile' trying to re-enact Death Race 2000 where grannies are the top scoring target. Deadman is handy with a camera and is one of the sites photographers. He also is a keen game reviewer and a good general games head on the site.

Exciting Alien
This shy quiet gamer has a gift for surprise and is big on spelling! Alien has a real academic side to his gaming habits and the strange ability to adapt and assimilate to any given game, he is often referred to by the team as ‘Borg’. Alien is also a gaming veteran form the days of 8bit pixels but nowadays his inner child has a soft spot for retro and cuddly games. He is a good all rounder with a strong taste for any driving and sports related title and is a master of Ice Hockey. His new found respect for shooters can be blamed on Halo, making him a little less sporty and more of a competitive personality. Alien is at his most Excited when playing music games and is skilled in the plastic guitar, plastic bass and rubber drums, just don’t hand him a mic. Despite the odd booze induced blackout, Alien is quite a sporty person in the real word but is always fighting the ‘fat back’ syndrome. He is the least lazy of the group but finds the excuse to not do things by other means, like principles. Alien is high on criticism and low on complements but has a big brain and a taste for all things technical, he always likes to save a penny by any means possible but is generous with booze, so that makes it all OK. Being the nerdiest and self proclaimed smartest of the group Exciting Alien is the quality assurance, spellchecker, and technical maintenance expert on the site and from time to time he will chime in with a bit of news, if principles allow.

Blind Side G
The youngest member of the team and a total chick magnet, it is rumoured that he may have a child in every holiday location he has ever visited and that it is just a matter of time before a ‘United Colours of Benetton’ group of kids show up looking for him. G is big on ladies and drinks between gaming and likes to take care of his looks with the odd dab of moisturiser. With the ambition to get his mug on TV balanced with a great love of playing music this talented gamer has the potential to be famous and let us all sponge off his success by proxy. Being drunk and pissing in drawers is a pastime of the G along with mooning government buildings and running from the authorities waving his jeans in the air. He also makes some mean chicken wings for gaming nights in with the team and is always up for a laugh. Being a sporty kind of fit freak he loves Fifa online with a passion, all other games come in second place for him, which is just as well because he often gets his ass handed to him in FPS games. G still has a soft spot for all things Nintendo, especially pre-Wii games, so much so that he even took ‘Mario’ as his middle name many years ago. Nowadays he loves a good story based game or a bit of multi player shooting but must be kept away from driving games as his automotive skills are worse than Miss Daisy's. G is a keen lover of gadgets and new developments and always has the newest mobile phone available. Argumentative and righteous it’s very difficult to win any discussion with G and he is an expert on most topics or at least he believes he is, that said he has a keen eye for the media side of the gaming industry and enjoys its vibe. Blind Side G does reviews and news pieces on the site… when the mood grabs him.